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Operating lease

Operating Car Lease


In this scheme you use the car for a certain period of time without acquiring ownership over it.
Against payment of fixed monthly (rent) installments you always use a modern car.

What are the benefits?

  • A risk-free investment;
  • You plan your long-term expenses – the monthly installments are fixed, which gives you full control over your budget;
  • Your corporate taxes are reduced – you deduct the lease payments from the taxable income;
  • You report your monthly installment as an expense – without burdening the credit history of the company. (It does not affect the credit portfolio of the legal entity);
  • You relieve the balance sheets of the company;
  • You do not acquire ownership, and hence you do not have any cares for a subsequent disposal of the car.


Product parameters

  • Аgreement duration
  • Guarantee installment (negotiable) is required, which will be returned at the end of the lease period.
  • Fixed monthly payment that includes:

1. Rent of the car

2. Registration in Traffic Police

3. Vehicle tax

4. Product (eco) fee


To prepare your operating lease scheme, we need you to:

  • select your car
  • let us know how long you will use the car and what mileage you expect to cover.