Q & A

What are the mandatory insurance policies for leasing cars and who provides them?

Until the conclusion of the lease, the insurances are provided by Moto Pfohe’s insurance broker, "PFOHE AGENCY" LTD, and paid to the insurance company. The aim is to have full insurance protection for the vehicle, which necessarily includes "Full Auto Casco Insurance", including "Theft" and "Robbery", "Third party liability" and "Car Seats Insurance". Full Auto Casco Insurance can be issued in 2 or 4 installments within one year.

What happens if the client misses a paymentof the insurance premium?

During the term of the lease contract the timely payment of the insurance premium is LESSEE’s responsibility, but in case of delay, Pfohe Agency pays it and issues an invoice to the client for the expenses. This way the said insurance premium automatically becomes due to the LESSOR, for which the client will be issued a Payment due notice.

What to do in case of damage on the car?

Damage claims must be handled according to the specific event (whether it happened while the car was parked, while driving, whether it is theft or total damage, etc.). In any case, it is important to follow at least these steps:

  • Immediately declare the damage in the insurance company in which your car is insured.
  • If the company has Mobile Groups, call them. The phones you can call in these cases are described in the Casco policy.

It is good to always call 112 to register the damage and request to be given a number for theevent.

What is MALUS?

It is possible that in some years the premium for the Casco insurance is higher, compared to the previous period, because the so-called "malus" has been accrued, according to the general conditions of the Insurance companies.

“Malus” is an increase in the insurance premium for each subsequent insurance contract, based on a high damage quota during the previous insurance period. The amount of malus is determined according to the valid tariff of the Insurance company and depends on the amount of paid indemnities by the Insurance company during the previous insurance contract.

Gross claims quota is the ratio of all paid and pending damage claims / the damages with right of recourse are excluded /, to the paid insurance premium.