Home and real estate insurance

Protecting your home from unpredictable natural disasters, theft or fire

Household property:

This insurance provides protection for the property of individuals. The subjects of homeowner’s insurance are:

Real estate:

  • Residential buildings
  • Country homes
  • Outbuildings, garages, workshops, garden structures, etc.
  • Facilities of a special type such as satellites, solar heating systems, greenhouses, bird or animal breeding buildings, wells, outdoor fountains, fences, etc.

Movable property:

  • Furniture, personal and other household items
  • Household appliances
  • Audio/visual and electronic equipment
  • Other property such as agricultural machinery, equipment, construction machinery, tools, materials, etc.
  • Pieces of art, expensive clothing, leather coats, branded clothing, etc.

The insurance covers losses caused by:

  • Fire, including the effects of extinguishing the fire
  • Explosion
  • Natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes, hailstorms, floods, falling trees and branches
  • Plumbing accident
  • Malicious acts of third parties (vandalism)
  • A hit by a vehicle or a flying object
  • Burglary
  • Earthquake

In combination with the coverage types above, it is possible to include additional ones, such as:

  • Third party liability
  • Costs for alternative accommodation
  • Losses of rental income