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Sumitomo Corporation

SUMITOMO CORPORATION is a general trading firm, providing a variety of products and services and engaged in trading and business investments from multiple perspectives. The global company network has more than 130 offices and over 800 subsidiaries and associated companies with a total of 65000 employees in around 70 countries worldwide.

Sumitomo was founded around 400 years ago in the 17th century. Based on a founder’s Masatomo Sumitomo’s idea of how merchants should conduct business, Sumitomo’s modern business philosophy places importance on not being misled by changes happening before us, but, presuming integrity and sound management at all times, rather than easy gains, to stay a step ahead with an enterprising spirit and dealing with change. It is on this business philosophy that the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s corporate mission statement is based. In addition to the robust business foundations of Sumitomo Corporation there is a variety of functions including those in logistics, finance and marketing through which Sumitomo creates new value and aims to contribute extensively to society.

The company consists of 5 business units.

The Metal Products Business Unit is involved in trading of steel sheets and tubular products, as well as aluminum, titanium and other non-ferrous metals to build a value chain across an expensive field. In the tubular products field taking orders, inventory management, processes, inspecting, transporting and repairing are all taking care of by the company to provide an integrated service and response to raising demand of energy throughout the world.

Sumitomo is the only integrated trading company involved in the ship building business through the Transportation & Construction Systems Business Unit which also operates the world’s third biggest business in leasing aircraft. In the automotive field Sumitomo is engaged in manufacturing, retailing, providing of financial services and auto leasing to expand the business in every field of upstream to downstream areas. In the area of construction equipment they are operating a construction rental business in addition to retail and service business.

The Environment & Infrastructure Business Unit is involved in the supplying and establishment of vital social infrastructures throughout the world including electricity and water. This business unit is also involved in a new demonstration project using storage batteries to realize optimization of the balance between power supply and demand in Japan. Moreover a highly efficient logistics center is operated to provide advanced logistics functions to mail order business operators. This is in addition to contributing to the growth of regional economies and communities through the development and operation of industrial parks in Asia.

The Media, ICT, Lifestyle Related Goods & Services Business Unit is involved in media businesses, such as cable TV and the providing of programs, ICT businesses, such as mobile communications and IT and lifestyle and retail businesses, such as TV shopping and supermarkets. The unit also provides food and food products, wood construction materials, construction materials and biomass through them, supplies and real estate businesses offering products and services to the consumers in the variety of fields.

The Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit contributes to the stable supply of resources and energy through investments and trading to cover upstream interests. Moreover the unit engages in trading of chemicals and electronic materials and provides electronic manufacturing service contributing daily to the prosperity of people’s lives through the business of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.

One of the phrases that best expresses Sumitomo’s business philosophy is “Benefit for self and others, private and public interests are one and the same. It means that Sumitomo’s business must not only benefit Sumitomo itself but also bring benefit to the society it operates in. Under this business philosophy Sumitomo will strive for the greater prosperity of people and realize their dreams through sound business activities. 

Corporative internet site: https://www.sumitomocorp.com/en/jp