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Ford and Moto-Pfohe help fight Covid-19

On December 2nd this year Ford and Moto-Pfohe have once again stepped into the fight against the COVID-19 virus, providing an equipped ambulance for use by the Sofia Municipality, Emergency Aid and Prevention Authority. The Ford Custom ambulance will take care of patients with the virus in the eight municipal social homes, four of which are for people with disabilities. Paramedics will provide them with first aid on site, perform antigen and PCR tests, and those in need of hospitalization will be transported to a municipal hospital.

The Ford Custom ambulance was personally received by the Mayor of Sofia Municipality, Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, together with the Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs, Ms. Albena Atanasova and representatives of the Emergency Aid and Prevention Authority. Ms. Fandakova expressed her sincere gratitude for the solidarity of Moto-Pfohe and the urgent response to the request for assistance by providing specialized mobility. The keys to the car were handed over by the Managing Directors of Moto-Pfohe, Mr. Atanas Furnadjiev and Mr. Masuhiro Oyama, who said on behalf of Ford: "We are glad that in the current difficult situation we can once again be useful to society through the Sofia Municipality. The ambulance we loan will provide on-site assistance in social homes and thus will partially alleviate the pressure on hospitals and their medics. This is Moto-Pfohe's contribution to the fight against COVID-19. We take this opportunity to call on everyone to protect themselves.” The ambulance team from the Emergency Aid and Prevention Authority at Sofia Municipality left immediately after handing over the keys. The first patient who was treated with the special vehicle was transported for dialysis.

With the introduction of the COVID-19 state of emergency in the spring of this year, Moto-Pfohe provided a total of 16 cars for use by hospitals and social care authorithies in the country. Two of them helped the Emergency Aid and Prevention Directorate of the Sofia Municipality to deliver food and medicine to those in need. These were the smaller representatives of Ford’s light commercial vehicles, Connect and Courier. The now delivered Ford ambulance is based on the award-winning Custom, International Van of 2020 and has full medical equipment. The APP Directorate at the Sofia Municipality will use it until the end of the emergency epidemiological situation in the country.

Through service and charity activities, Ford in Bulgaria and Moto-Pfohe offer a number of solutions to facilitate citizens who seek to comply with safety measures and recommendations of the National Headquarters and the World Health Organization to quickly control the epidemic of COVID-19. Information about them is published on www.ford.bg and www.motopfohe.bg