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Season 2014 - Results


The Grants in 2014:

The jury reviewed projects authored by 54 nominees and selected four winners.


The winning projects 2014:

  • National winner: “Lets save the Staro Zhelezare Cromlech” is the big winner in the 2014 Conservation and Environmental Grants Programme. The project aims the further excavation and conservation of the prehistoric megalithic structure close to the town of Hissarya, Plovdiv region. Cromlechs are groupings of menhirs according to some geometric forms: circles, semicircles, ellipses, rectangle. The most known example is the one of Stonehenge in England. They are not so many in Europe, or in Bulgaria. The one in Staro Zhelezare village is 26 centuries old and the authors of the project want to reconstruct and expose it for tourist visits.
  • The second price goes to the project “Lagoon in the eye of a bird” – the authors are aiming to use the modern flying technology, called dron for the purposes of monitoring the Atanasovo lake close to Bourgas, which is the natural habitat of endangered birds and species. With the help of the dron ecologists may identify threats on time and act accordingly.
  • The first of the two encouragement awards goes to the ’Trust me’ union for its project “Children playground especially for me”. The project’s goal is to establish a specially dedicated playground for disabled children, with the Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. The facility will help them in receiving good care for their healthy activities.
  • The second encouragement award is for the protection of the bees. “To the bees with love” is a project informing children and their parents about a big danger. Bees are disappearing all over the world. This could seriously harm the quality of our life. The authors’ goal is to eliminate this threat by engaging the energy and activity of the audience. 

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