Conservation and Environmental Grants Regulations 2017-2018


I. General description and eligibility

Moto-Pfohe's Conservation and Environmental Grants program is open to any type of environmental and cultural heritage initiatives - whether individual or collective - which are in operation in 2017-2018 and until the submission of the participation application form in 2018. Projects that are being planned, or are in the conceptual phase, or are already completed, are not taken into consideration. The Grants program can also include initiatives whose authors are young people under the age of 18, in which case it is required that their project is being conducted under the guidance of adults.


II. Categories


1. Preservation of the natural environment

Projects for the conservation of the flora and/or the fauna and/or natural phenomena. Projects related to the creation/implementation of green technologies, reducing the consumption of natural resources and/or reducing the pollution of the environment.

2. Conservation of cultural heritage

Projects for preserving and storing man-made objects from the national and/or European cultural and historical heritage. Projects aimed at creating new or enriching traditional cultural values.


III. Rating, prizes, awarding fund

- The Jury of the Grants Program evaluates the projects according to the following criteria, without being ranked, as follows:

1   Usability and practicality

2   Project Mission

3   Financial Need

4   Originality

5   Importance for preservation of the national natural and cultural heritage

- The jury nominates a national winner within each edition of the Grants Program. At its discretion and conviction, the jury has the right to award up to two encouraging awards.

- The total awarding fund for each edition of the program is BGN 20,000. It is distributed among the awarded projects, with the National Winner Prize being at least BGN 10,000.


IV. Rules for participation

- In the Moto-Pfohe Grants Program are eligible for participation only projects that are in a certain phase of their development. Their realization must have started at the time of submission of participation papers. Projects that are at an early stage of idea will not be allowed to participate in the jury process, as the purpose of the donation program is to support the further deployment and/or completion of the projects.

- Projects that have already been completed are not eligible for participation.

- Projects with the ultimate goal of funding books, CDs, DVDs, films, multimedia presentations, performances, movies and virals, electronic catalogs, creating and administering websites, blogs, profiles and pages in social media are not considered and accepted networks, as well as with the realization of concerts, shows, festivals, seminars, conferences, congresses and other similar one-time public events and events. An exception to this rule is the case where the forms listed in the previous sentence are only an element or a phase of the project.

- The participating projects may include authors who are children and/or young people under the age of 18 years under the condition that adults provide administrative assistance in the implementation of their initiatives.


V. Documents for participation:

1 Clear and legible application form (downloadable from the corporate website

2 A more detailed description of the project in up to 20 pages A4, including: the objectives, the activity carried out until the application, a brief description of the organizational phases of its implementation, the benefits of the project, other important information at the discretion of the authors. The volume at this point should not exceed 20 pages A4. The detailed description of the project must end with the date, signature of the author or the person representing the organization and the seal of the organization. Documents that are not shaped as outlined above will not be allowed to the jury process.

3 Illustrative material (project specific) – pictures, audio or video materials on discs or USB media, etc. The illustrative materials will be retained by the organizers and may be used in public communication to publicize the program and the participating project(s). They must be clearly marked and carry as follows: a. The name of the project; b. The project author; c. Description of the illustrative material. The materials must be free of limited rights for use and distribution by the program organizers. IMPORTANT - Only copies are to be send.

Do not send originals, unique or expensive/high value materials. Items sent should not be heavy and/or bulky.

4 Legitimation Documents:

a. a copy of an identity card and a valid criminal record for individuals;

b. a copy of court registration and current status for legal entities.

- All documents and materials required for participation in the program (application form, detailed project description, illustrative materials and copies of legitimation documents) must be sent at one and the same time.

- The organizers are not obliged to return the set of participation papers.

- The authors of the awarded projects must agree and be ready to participate in selected and appropriate initiatives to publicize the Grants Program.

- The authors of the winning projects must agree a summary of the content of the project, as well as visualization materials that can be published in the media for the the Grants Program’S publicity purposes.

- The jury's decision is final.


VI. Applying, sending documents, deadlines:

- The application form is downloadable from the corporate website:

- Documents for participation in the Grants Program for 2017-2018 (application form, detailed project description, illustrative materials, copies of legitimation documents) are sent to:

   1360 Sofia

   Lyulin district

   444, Slivnitsa Blvd. 

   Moto-Pfohe Ltd.

   About the Donation Program

- The deadline for application is March 28, 2018 (the date of the postal stamp or the incoming number applies if delivered personally to the address above).

- Only projects conforming to the above rules and requirements will be accepted.

- The winners will be announced at an official Grants Ceremony in March 2018.


For more information:

- inquiries by electronic means:

- phone inquiries: (02) 9842387; (02) 9842269; (02) 9842 332

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