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Conservation and Environmental Grants

Motto of the Grants:
Let’s preserve the values together
General Information:
·         Appeals to best Bulgarian projects in the field of national environment preservation and cultural heritage conservation and development
·         Supports the winning projects with financing and with publicity - to help them reach their goals
·         Applicants – individual projects, nongovernmental organizations and collectives – are invited to participate in two categories:
1. Environmental preservation – projects for preserving endangered species of flora and fauna, optimization of natural resources usage and consumption
2. Cultural heritage – projects to conserve and/or further develop man-made aspects of national and European heritage
Main Facts:
·         16 editions of the Grants in Bulgaria so far – for the first time it was held in 1996
·         Close to 1000 is the total number of projects that have participated in the 13 editions
·         73 is the total number of projects, that have been awarded in the 14 editions
History of the Grants in Bulgaria:
·         1996 till 2000 – under the name Henry Ford European Conservation Awards in cooperation with UNESCO and the Council of Europe;
·         2001 till 2004 – FMC Conservation and Environmental Grants;
·         since 2005 – Moto-Pfohe Conservation and Environmental Grants in Bulgaria
·         independent experts in the field of environmental care and history and culture
·         jury chairman – Dr. Petar Yankov, Chairman of Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and 1st Bulgarian national winner of the program (1996)
·         members from the ministries of environment, culture and education;
·         as of 2010 – member of WWF Bulgaria
Awarding fund:
·         BGN 20 000 – for one national winner and up to two encouragement prices.
·         Plaque and diploma
Information & Applications:
Please, contact contacts@motopfohe.bg, ph. +3592 9842273, f. +3592 9842233